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Date posted: 08 September 2014

Company: Frontier
Category: Conservation Projects (Conservation projects, Wildlife, Environmental Work)
Location(s): China
Cost: £449

China is a land of mesmerising and awe-inspiring contradictions. As the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, travel around China can lead you down a path of rich antiquity. Tempt yourself with out of this world flavours from tender Peking duck, sizzling meats in night markets and slurp down everlasting bowls of Lanzhou noodles. Enliven...


Date posted: 08 September 2014

Company: Frontier
Category: Multi Activity Gap Years (Teaching English, Tourism, Childcare)
Location(s): China
Cost: £299

For a true cultural adventure travel to the far east to the ancient and seductive city of Xiamen, where you will find a world of exquisite palaces, carefully observed manners and customs, perfectly preserved pagodas perched over convoluted town vistas and painstakingly prepared dishes of carefully spiced delicacies. Those who visit this rapidly...


Date posted: 08 September 2014

Company: Frontier
Category: Conservation Projects (Conservation projects, Marine Conservation, Environmental Work)
Location(s): Costa Rica
Cost: £699

Set between tropical Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Costa Rica is one of the most breathtaking countries in the world. Even though it covers just 0.03% of the world’s landmass, it is home to an incredible 500,000 species including jaguars, spider monkeys and five species of turtle. Join this incredible project to discover a world of...


Date posted: 08 September 2014

Company: Frontier
Category: Conservation Projects (Conservation projects, Rainforest, Wildlife)
Location(s): Ecuador
Cost: £629

Ecuador is a pocket-sized slice of beautiful South America. Despite its diminutive size, it is bursting with vibrant culture, mesmerising landscapes, exotic tropical wildlife and pristine habitats. It encompasses the all-consuming emerald Amazon, rich in natural resources and home to a wealth of fascinating creatures and indigenous...


Date posted: 08 September 2014

Company: Skiworld
Category: Ski resort jobs (Ski Chalet Jobs, Cooks / Chef Jobs, Management Jobs)
Location(s): Austria, France
Salary: £ Competitive

Fancy working in the friendly, personal environment of a chalet, looking after your own group of guests each week whilst also having more responsibility and heading up a team of 3 or 4 staff? Are you the sort of outgoing person who has a love for cooking, entertaining and maintaining high standards of excellence? If you are and want to be a...


Date posted: 08 September 2014

Company: Frontier
Category: Care Work Projects (Disadvantaged Children, Orphanage, Special Needs)
Location(s): Kenya
Cost: £595

Kenya is a land of intense beauty, epic landscapes, fascinating tribes and exuberant communities. Magnificent wildlife roam across vast Rift Valley plains, white sand beaches fringe the turquoise Indian Ocean and ancient tribal communities practise traditional customs little changed since the dawn of time. All these combine to provide a...

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